A Statement of Intent.

My intent is to re-join the world of blogging. It has given me so much pleasure.

Words spring to mind:






It’s the heart of winter here and those words traditionally are associated with Spring. What better way to view the zeitgist of our times? Co-vid 19, climate change the issues facing us so easily can overhwelm us. I choose hope. I choose to come back to katesclippings. I could easily give up, deciding that it has been too long, but I choose to continue, to pick up the threads and not give up.

My site has not yet been rejuvenated or spruced up. The priority is to make a beginning. All else will follow.

The challenges of wrting and blogging are life lessons.

Don’t give up.

It’s good enough.

Trust yourself and the process.

So let’s go!

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