Here I am!

I’m so glad you’re reading this. Welcome!

Let’s begin the getting to know process.

After major lifestyle changes I am now living in a small, rural town in New South Wales, Australia- hadn’t planned to do this, but then, not much of my life has been according to a plan.

I’m glad I’m here- there’s the chance to make a difference. And I always want, whatever I’m doing, to be helping to make our world a better place.


As I puzzle and ponder this “about” page-

who am I?    why am I writing a blog?    who are my readers?

“to everything- turn, turn, turn

there is a season –  turn, turn, turn

and a purpose, under Heaven”

keeps running through my mind. This is my time. And this is my purpose.


The little girl

The little girl

Inside me, there is still that little girl sitting on the fence- full of joy, enthusiasm, loved

facing life with eagerness, unafraid.

the older girl child.

the older girl child.

There’s the older girl- more serious, serene… the uncertainties, confusions and anxieties of adolescence are yet to come.

There’s the young woman- innocent, vulnerable about to tumble into life at the deep end.

I'll drink to life

“turn, turn, turn” until today.  I am all these, and more.

katesclippings is me.









23 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Kate! Thank you for stopping by my “place” and saying hello! I’m happy to finally meet you, too! I should have stopped by long ago and introduced myself. I’m relatively new to this whole blogging business (I started back in January) and I’m still trying to figure out all the ins and outs of proper etiquette. I’m not too sure if I am expected to pop in and say hello whenever I begin following a blog or not. 😛 But, I’m figuring it all out by trial and error (at least I think I am!).

    I deeply appreciate your kind words and am thrilled you enjoyed my introduction! 😀 I enjoy your intro too and think it is perfect as it is! I think it speaks volumes about who you are—someone who cares deeply about making a difference!

    I thoroughly enjoy following you! Best to you! ~ Kimberley

    • One of the unexpected challenges for me (and there have been many!) has been learning wordpress- which I’m still doing! But it’s exciting and fun and I love it! Thank you for the encouragement.

      • I know exactly what you mean about the challenges. At first, I was afraid I would make mistakes (trying to understand pingbacks caused me great dismay!) but I finally figured mistakes are part of the learning process! I agree with you, blogging is exciting and fun, and I am so enjoying meeting people from all over the world!

  2. Yes, pingbacks?!? took me many an hour and questions to “support”- people are so helpful and patient! I phone my friends when I meet someone from somewhere exotic!

    • Max!! I am amazed, surprised, grateful, excited…actually I’ve been leaping up and down, shrieking and phoning all my friends…this might just be the time I open that bottle of champagne. Thank you. However, I was nominated for an “Inspiring Blogger” award just last week (I’ve been slowly searching for other inspiring blogs to nominate) and haven’t yet posted it. I’m not sure if I can accept twice? I am already doubly honoured and rewarded and motivated to greater effort, honesty and vulnerability.
      Yhank you, thank you.

      • I think you can accept it as many times as you like. I have seen a few people who have been doubly nominated in a short period mention both in the one post. I know the feeling as that is how I felt when nominated so it feels to return the favour. Happy blogging.

    • thank you! much appreciated. I have been struggling with this for days- ever since I began blogging to tell the truth, and have been humming the song and…went with it.

  3. More in common – I have viewed all of the TED’s and am an avid follower and the song is one of my favorites, especially the Judy Collins’ rendition. I like the new about, but where is that picture of Kate today next to katesclippingsisme?

  4. Hi I liked your about page. Sometimes we move because of necessity, sometimes for other reasons.I too like doing things without planning. You I’m sure will like New South Wales’ rural town or may get used to it. Good luck.

  5. Kate my dear
    I’ve nominated you for the love/hate tag as a fairly new follower I’d like to get to know you better, and what better way then telling blogland you top 10 loves & hates LOL

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