Just one Sentence.

My statement of Intent didn’t get me past my what?? lethargy? laziness? lack of motivation? Or have I given up?

I really, really hope not and so I am trying another way. I have discovered the concept of “tiny goals”. I stumbled on an interview with Greg McKeown. He spoke about the art of effortless joy. He wanted to set a goal to journal write every day and would begin well. But then he would write less and less, until … nothing. Again, same goal, same result.

So, he set two goals: he would write one sentence each day, any more would be a bonus. But he set an upper limit: he would write no more than five sentences each day. Success!

I will write one sentence. An upper limit? I will not be concerned with style or with presentation. My goal is simply: one sentence per day. No more than ? I am still thinking about this.

You see, I want to write for me. Nothing else gives me such deep satisfaction and meaning. Oh, and I will do the wordpress webinars, starting tomorrow : “Getting started: Website building 101” and “Quick start: Blogging”.

It has been so very long since I came near wordpress and blogging that I’ve forgotten anything I knew. And in that time the site has changed, so for me, back to the beginning .

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