Micro Goals.

I wrote “Just one Sentence” on Monday. I’ve published it only now, on Friday. I was going to check it, edit , maybe pretty it up. All that happened was that I delayed publishing. So I find it difficult to publish. Back when I began blogging, I needed to take a deep breath and choose to publish and accept that it was good enough. My aim is to write from my heart, to write what moves me and to write always with integrity and authenticity.

My micro goal? Just one sentence. Oh and the webinars! Stay with me.

Just one Sentence.

My statement of Intent didn’t get me past my what?? lethargy? laziness? lack of motivation? Or have I given up?

I really, really hope not and so I am trying another way. I have discovered the concept of “tiny goals”. I stumbled on an interview with Greg McKeown. He spoke about the art of effortless joy. He wanted to set a goal to journal write every day and would begin well. But then he would write less and less, until … nothing. Again, same goal, same result.

So, he set two goals: he would write one sentence each day, any more would be a bonus. But he set an upper limit: he would write no more than five sentences each day. Success!

I will write one sentence. An upper limit? I will not be concerned with style or with presentation. My goal is simply: one sentence per day. No more than ? I am still thinking about this.

You see, I want to write for me. Nothing else gives me such deep satisfaction and meaning. Oh, and I will do the wordpress webinars, starting tomorrow : “Getting started: Website building 101” and “Quick start: Blogging”.

It has been so very long since I came near wordpress and blogging that I’ve forgotten anything I knew. And in that time the site has changed, so for me, back to the beginning .