It’s been a while, Kate, maybe it’s time for a review.

a very long time ago.

a very long time ago.

Who am I ? Why do I blog?  What am I on about?

It’s time to review,  recharge the batteries, re-connect and go back to the basics. A time to remember what drives me.

I blog because I must. For many years I lived with an urge to write.  Something inside  kept on pushing me to write. Web 2 happened and with it blogging. That vague, constant “I want to write,” became “I could write a blog.” It’s taken a very long time but I’ve finally started, instead of merely thinking about it.

This year I have had several months when I haven’t written and I said to one of my friends, in a moment of misery, “If I don’t write, then I might as well be dead.” Not because I’m accomplished, not because I think I’m good but because I must. Without writing, I lose a sense of purpose

in writing mode.

in writing mode.

Years ago I used to write a column in a small magazine. Come the deadline and I would sit at my computer and ask myself “What’s in my heart today?” That’s how I want to write.

Cheryl Strayed (author of “Wild: A journey from lost to found”, now a movie) says “When you’re speaking in the truest, most intimate voice about your life, you are speaking with the universal voice.”

You  probably know that feeling when you strike a chord in the heart of the person to whom you are speaking. That’s what I want to do.

Most likely these are some of the things I write about:

  • I love and cherish this Earth, our home. I care about what we have done and am committed to living in a way that is least damaging. That means living simply and sustainably. I was a city dweller and now live in a small rural town in Australia. The garden beds are begun so we can grow some of our own food.
  • the garden begins.

    the garden begins.

    I’m a woman, a single woman. For many reasons I have little financial security, but I am one of the fortunate ones. I live in my own home, paying neither rent nor mortgage. To do this, I have chosen to buy a house with one of my friends and become a co-houser. I have been fortunate. The spectre of homelessness as an older woman no longer looms so close. However, I remain passionate about the plight of many older women.

  • I love ideas and reading, listening to and watching stimulating programs. Favourite activitiesof mine include discussing ideas endlessly with friends, thinking and pondering  things I’ve heard, read or seen. Ideas fill me with enthusiasm and I want to share them, to pass them on, to let others know.
  • Illness has affected my life. I understand exhaustion, fatigue, insomnia and extreme illness because I’ve been there. I am alive because I have a stoma and ileostomy. Many times I have longed for another person who understood, really understood what I was experiencing. If someone who is exhausted, can’t sleep or been ill for a very long time, reads something I have written and feels the relief that comes with finally being understood, then I’ll be happy. And I want to show how it is to you who may not have been there, to deepen your understanding and empathy.
  • I need to feel I belong. It’s one of our most basic needs- to belong and be part of a group. One of my aims in this community, as always is to help to bring people together, to do what I can to make sure no one is isolated and alone. Community matters.
  • One of my kookaburras yesterday. A simple pleasure and a delight.

    One of my kookaburras yesterday. A simple pleasure and a delight.

    And sometimes I write about nothing very much, because life is mostly ordinary and nothing very much, but greatly to be treasured.

15 thoughts on “It’s been a while, Kate, maybe it’s time for a review.

  1. I found your blog through Blogging 101, and absolutely love the way you write about the necessity of writing. Love for the environment, co-housing and bringing people comfort and community are all wonderful things. Happy blogging!

    • What a precious comment! My much loved and cherished grandmother was called Mrs P. Good to meet another one.
      Of course, to speak from the heart does require having the courage to be vulnerable and to trust what comes- a risk.

  2. Hi Kate, I’m glad to see you being back on a regular basis. Thanks for writing about yourself and why you write. Though I can hardly call it a reason because it doesn’t come from my head, I connect with what your writing means to you. Your writing shows that you write from your heart. Your responses to my writing says to me that you understand me. This is priceless.Thanks.

  3. Exactly. I always connect with what you say- and it always feels authentic and genuine. You’re not trying to “get” more followers. Lovely to hear form you and yes, I have found this blogging experience to be priceless. Look forward to reading you and connecting with you.

  4. Hi Kate,
    Connecting with you here via Blogging 101. You are so right in stating that writing from the heart and being true to yourself requires one to be vulnerable, whether we’re writing about something near and dear or “nothing very much. Welcome back to the blogosphere.

  5. Hi, Kate, I’ve been wondering where you had gotten to and then I saw your smiling face saying you’d visited “the barn”. I decided to visit you,too. I love the results of your Blogging 101 Gateway remake. Pretty Spiffy! Missed you, but nice to wake up to a friendly face on a Monday morning. Have a lovely week…..Clare

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